Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Water Chestnuts

As part of a diet she trying K prepared some beets. They were in both out opinions, absolutely horrible. We realized the reason we don't eat normally eat beets is that both find beets to be revolting. This got us discussing what the most disgusting food in the world is.

We quickly reached a consensus. No food on this planet more vile than water chestnuts. Just thinking about them makes me cringe, and K too for that matter. With out a doubt a lot of the vileness of water chestnuts arises from their texture. If some how finger nails on a blackboard could be translated into food, it would be water chestnuts. There is just something about the way that they crunch in your mouth that makes my skin crawl.

The discussion of water chestnuts lead to the question of what we would rather eat maggots or water chestnuts. Sadly it was not a question either one of was able to resolve. How can such depths of vileness be differentiated from

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VA Friend said...

I happen to like water chestnuts. Cooked in Chinese food they are great. I actually like the crunch.