Friday, November 30, 2007


Inga Rests at Ease

Tonight I brought the rescue weim home from the vet. Even though ultimately we will be passing her on to a permanent home, I decided that she needed a name, so I have decided to call her Inga.

Inga Has a Bite to Eat

Aside from suffering bad bloody runny poop, a common sympton of stress in Weimeraners, she seems to be doing well. She has her appetite back, something she did not have at the shelter. Someone must of crate tranied her, because when she saw the bed in a crate that I had preapared for her she made a beeline for it. Berkeley and Zack are getting along just fine with her and house is a peaceful as a house with three Weimeraners in it can be.

Zack Checks Inga Out

Soon Inga will be off to the family that will love her forever, but I am going to enjoy having her around for a few days because she seems like a very sweet dog.

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Poor Weim

I have wound being the contact person of the Weimeraner rescue group for my county. Last night I got the following e-mail through Weimeraner recue group, from the local Human Society, the very heartbreaking picture, above, attached.

Sorry for this pic, but I wanted you to see her real situation. She is a stray about 18 mo and in heat. How ever there is more than that causing the blood and weight loss. I have a doc coming to see her and give me an opinion as to what the issues might be. However we can not treat serious issues, nor can we spay her or put her up for adoption. I have been on vacation and sadly,it has cost her in time. So sorry, can you help her? She is sweet and friendly, but is getting very sick. let me know.

This morning I got more e-mails, that painted a dire picture for the poor weim in question. It sounded like she pyometra, an serious medical emergency. So I worked with the rescue and my vet and set it up so I could pick up the weim at the humane society and rush it my vet for emergency care fortunately the weim rescue group has the resources to pay for the emergency care. So at about 10:00 I left work and headed down to the humane society. I steeled my self for the very real possibility that all I was going to be able to do for the poor dog was to take it more comfortable environment to be put down.

In the shadow of the Mexican border and adjacent to the sewage treatment plant, the local human society is a truly grim place. As I waited for them to bring her out, I was prepared for the worst. But when they brought her out I a began to have hope, because despite extremely emaciated and filthy her eyes still sparkled, her eyes brightened even further when realized that I was taking her away from the shelter. Still I have never seen an adult weim that small, she would weigh in 39 lbs. Berkeley my adult female weigh close to 80 lbs.

Happily at the vet had god new, besides being malnourished the only thing wrong with her was low grade infection. So currently she is getting spayed. After she has healed up, she will be heading off to the Phoenix area where the rescue group has lined a couple of prospective homes for her.

Sadly I am pretty sure that I know where this dog came from. Apparently she found very near my house. About a year ago I ran into a older women with a weim puppy. Seeing that that I had mine with she began asking me questions about the breed. She had now idea that they are extremely high energy breed. It is not uncommon for people who ignorant of the true nature of the Weimeraner to abandon them when they are about 18 months old when they have ceased being oh so cute puppies, and are no 50-80 of dog driven insane by a lack physical activity.

It chills my heart to think very likely that that seemingly sweet old lady who was doting on her cute little puppy that day would in 18 months abandon that same dog out in the desert. God people suck sometimes. I am just glad this story has a happy ending.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

With Fingers and Everything

K and I, went to the doctor again this afternoon. For the first time what they were showing us on the ultrasound really looked like a baby, with fingers and everything. We could see it waving its little arms around, and kick. It's little nose, ears, and eyes were evident. Then the they let us hear that heartbeat. What a profound moment, hearing the heart of my child beat for the first time. Wow

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Next Marathon

It has been more than a month since I ran the Long Beach Marathon. Since then aside from take the dogs on their twice daily runs I have not been doing much running. However I am starting to feel the itch to do long runs again. The weather has turned absolutely beautiful for running. The upper 60's are so much nicer for running than the upper 90's.

So I have decided to get ready for tomorrow's Thanksgiving feast by making myself hungry with resuming training for a marathon.
Have selected the Lost Dutchman Marathon in Apache Junction, AZ, as my next race. I have heard lots of good things about it, so I am excited.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Eat My Shorts

Zack Snack

Three years ago one or dogs Zack got a sever case of bloat that resulted in emergency surgery to remove a 10" by 3" section of his stomach. He recovered well and leads a normal life, except for the fact that he now prone to upset stomachs. When he has an upset stomach he takes the advice of Bart Simpson literally and eats my shorts.

Zack apparently finds the consumption of amount of fabric to be soothing to his stomach. The picture above is of an old pair of my shorts the now make up part of Zack's bedding. It is his propensity to eat fabric that has resulted in Zack's bed now being composed of discarded clothing and old blankets. After he ate a multitude of holes in all the dog beds that we bought him, we figured that we might as well give him stuff that we don't care if he eats.

The Dogs Rest in Their Beds

Monday, November 12, 2007

Meander Blue

The Soon to Be Nursery

Since I had the day off for Veterans Day, I decided to use the time to pain the room that is going to be the nursery. K chose all color called Meander Blue, despite this choice we still do not know the gender of the child. Of all home improvement tasks I think I loath painting the most. But, I managed to get the room paint with only a minimal level of difficulty, no major spill of foul-ups, so I will count that as a win.

Now that we are starting to put together a nursery, the whole impending fatherhood thing is starting to feel a little more real. My parents just bought us a crib for the nursery. K found it on Craigslist for a very outstanding price. Apparently it is some sort of ubercrib. All the fine details of it are lost on me. But K is very happy with it, so that makes me happy.

One of My Favorite Parts of the Nursery is the Nice View of Gila Mountains That it Has

Monday, November 5, 2007

Red Meat

Today the doctor told K that the pregnancy has made her slightly anaemic. Her doctor told her that she needed to eat more red meat. This has be the most fun advice I have ever heard of anyone getting from a doctor. This overturns the prepregnancy advice she got from her doctor to eat much less red meat. So tonight's menu: juicy steak!