Thursday, November 15, 2007

Eat My Shorts

Zack Snack

Three years ago one or dogs Zack got a sever case of bloat that resulted in emergency surgery to remove a 10" by 3" section of his stomach. He recovered well and leads a normal life, except for the fact that he now prone to upset stomachs. When he has an upset stomach he takes the advice of Bart Simpson literally and eats my shorts.

Zack apparently finds the consumption of amount of fabric to be soothing to his stomach. The picture above is of an old pair of my shorts the now make up part of Zack's bedding. It is his propensity to eat fabric that has resulted in Zack's bed now being composed of discarded clothing and old blankets. After he ate a multitude of holes in all the dog beds that we bought him, we figured that we might as well give him stuff that we don't care if he eats.

The Dogs Rest in Their Beds

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