Friday, November 30, 2007


Inga Rests at Ease

Tonight I brought the rescue weim home from the vet. Even though ultimately we will be passing her on to a permanent home, I decided that she needed a name, so I have decided to call her Inga.

Inga Has a Bite to Eat

Aside from suffering bad bloody runny poop, a common sympton of stress in Weimeraners, she seems to be doing well. She has her appetite back, something she did not have at the shelter. Someone must of crate tranied her, because when she saw the bed in a crate that I had preapared for her she made a beeline for it. Berkeley and Zack are getting along just fine with her and house is a peaceful as a house with three Weimeraners in it can be.

Zack Checks Inga Out

Soon Inga will be off to the family that will love her forever, but I am going to enjoy having her around for a few days because she seems like a very sweet dog.


Wonder Dog said...

I think I'm in love with Inga.

Anonymous said...

great name and so lucky to have someone like you to care for her. blessings

Whitney said...

That is a great name for her and I hope that her new owners love the name too.

Thank goodness for people like you who commit to caring for these animals. As an animal lover too, it breaks my heart to see dogs in this way. So glad there are people out there who can commit to caring for these guys.

From the looks of your blog you seem busier than normal!! Marithon, baby and dog rescues! Wow.