Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Pregnant K

Hard to believe that K's due date is now less than 100 days away. I have to sat pregnancy lots real good on her.

Monday, February 25, 2008

The Desert in Bloom

A White Flower

Recent rains has caused the desert to bloom like I have never seen it bloom in the nearly three years that I have lived here. So yesterday I took the dogs out to the field behind the house to enjoy the scenery. As pretty as it was other parts of the desert are even more covered with flowers.

Zack Stretches His Legs

Looking Back at the House


In Some Places The Ground Was Almost Totaly Covered With These


Sunday, February 24, 2008

Amelia's Crib

We just got a package from my mother. She made all the bedding for Amelia's crib. It all looks really great. It is fun to see how exited about Amelia that she is.

Saturday, February 23, 2008

New Tattoo

I finally got my new Tattoo on Thursday,the 21 point sun represents the day I got married. The sun because it was the summer solstice. The 3 large points represent the year, 2003, the six larger points the month, June, and all 21 points the day, the 21st. There is not red in design, the red in the picture is just my skin being irritated from the tattooing process. I absolutely love how it came out. Best Valentines Day gift ever

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

New Floor and Rug

Here is a picture that I managed to snap before the camera battery died of you new floor and rug. I'll take some more tomorrow.

Monday, February 11, 2008

Out With the Carpet

Before the Change

With our unexpected tax refund windfall we decided to remove the nasty carpet that has been bugging us for a long time. It stinks and it is stained. There is no question that when we go to sell the house that we would have to replace it, so we figure why not do it now when we can enjoy the benefits of the change. This weekend we saw that Sam’s Club had some laminate floor on sale that we really like the look of, so we took the plunge and bought 30 cartons of it.

Removing the Old Carpet

The first step to installing it was removing the old nasty carpet, an easy task. It was disturbing to find out that the builder did not clean the floor before the floor before putting the carpet down, there was about a quarter of an inch of sand beneath or carpet. My first thought was that this was just dirt that had worked its way down there over the years, then I began finding things like fast food salt and pepper packets and other types debris, so clearly they installed the carpet over whatever dirt and trash was on the floor at the time.

An Industrious K

The click lock flooring goes in extremely easy, we got about half of the 500 square feet that we are going to do, done on Sunday, we will finish the rest over the three day weekend. K, who is amazingly industrious for someone six months pregnant did an amazing amount of the work

The Partialy Completed Dining Room

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Cat Poop is Fattening

At the Buffet

We realized the disgusting truth behind Berkeley's weight loss this week. Until about a month ago Berkeley had progressively become a fatter and fatter dog. Diet dog food, two runs a day, it didn't matter she kept getting fatter. Then about a month ago she started loosing weight. We were afraid that she was loosing weight because she was sick, until this week when realized the disgusting truth. The one thing that changes since she started loosing weight was my installation of a cat door that now allows the door to room with the cat box to be kept closed. Thus leading to the disgusting conclusion that her habit of eating cat poop is what was making Berkeley fat

Friday, February 1, 2008

Churchill House Olive

What the Color We Picked Looks Like on a Sample House

We are having a child in a few months, so it seems important to get a few projects that we will not have the time or money for once Amelia gets here. Number one on this list is repainting the house. Not the most sexy or exciting thing, but in places the paint is coming off in fist sized chunks leaving bare stucco exposed. So we are devoted part of out forthcoming tax refund to painting the house.

We, by which I mean K, has selected a color, Churchill House Olive. I am exciting because we will be the first none beige house on the block. The fact all the houses on block are beiege is made even worse by the fact that the houses dirrectly adjacent to ours also share an indentical design and floorplan. So we are striking a blow for inviduality.

Out House Now