Friday, February 1, 2008

Churchill House Olive

What the Color We Picked Looks Like on a Sample House

We are having a child in a few months, so it seems important to get a few projects that we will not have the time or money for once Amelia gets here. Number one on this list is repainting the house. Not the most sexy or exciting thing, but in places the paint is coming off in fist sized chunks leaving bare stucco exposed. So we are devoted part of out forthcoming tax refund to painting the house.

We, by which I mean K, has selected a color, Churchill House Olive. I am exciting because we will be the first none beige house on the block. The fact all the houses on block are beiege is made even worse by the fact that the houses dirrectly adjacent to ours also share an indentical design and floorplan. So we are striking a blow for inviduality.

Out House Now

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