Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Cat Poop is Fattening

At the Buffet

We realized the disgusting truth behind Berkeley's weight loss this week. Until about a month ago Berkeley had progressively become a fatter and fatter dog. Diet dog food, two runs a day, it didn't matter she kept getting fatter. Then about a month ago she started loosing weight. We were afraid that she was loosing weight because she was sick, until this week when realized the disgusting truth. The one thing that changes since she started loosing weight was my installation of a cat door that now allows the door to room with the cat box to be kept closed. Thus leading to the disgusting conclusion that her habit of eating cat poop is what was making Berkeley fat


Whitney said...

My father's dog loves cat poop too. Every time he (the dog) comes to visit the minute we aren't paying attention he is across the street eating the delicate morsels left by the neighbor's cat. Yum!

Lisa said...

Blossom loves it too! We have a baby gate that blocks the room with the cat box in it. Yet, she is big enough to jump over the gate. She gets her dose of cat poop when she runs down the street to the neighbors house!