Thursday, July 26, 2007


I came home to a major fish tank disaster this afternoon. A major outbreak of some sort fungus had killed four of my fish, the big gourami, a danio, and both female bettas. They looked like that had been enveloped by a predatory cotton ball. After a little online research and found malachite green was the solution. As happens I had some on hand from out break years ago. So I added some. I forgoten what an odd shade of green it turns the water. It will be cleat again by morning, but it sure looks weird now.

The whole thing is frustrating because I have worked so diligently to keep the water clean. My best guess is the infection came from the last fish I added. I died with in hours being added, so it is likely to have been already diseased. Oh well, such is keeping aquariums, I will rebuild.

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Whitney said...

That is a shame.

But your tank looks like something from a nuclear disaster right now...hee hee.