Friday, July 6, 2007


"Weimaraner 2 year old, AKC Registered. Free to a good home only! 928-550-xxxx "

I saw this ad in the classifieds today and it breaks my heart. Yet another person unprepared for the realities weimeraner ownership looking to get rid of their dog. More than most breeds wemimeraner are bought by people who have no idea what living with a weimeraner is really like. They only know weimeraners from Willian Wegmans pictures and fall in love with that image of the weimeraner.

The truth is few dogs can match the energy level of the weimeraner, they are 80 lbs of dog constantly in motion. Mine go on two, two mile runs every day, yet they still run around the house like their asses are on fire. The other characteristic about weims that must people are not aware is their tendency to be Velcro dogs. The need to be near their people if you simply just lock them up away from you they will literaly go psychotic.

We got Zack from the shelter in Lake Charles, LA, through a weimeraner rescue group. Rescuing him was one of the most rewarding things that we have done, a more greatful and loyal dog there never was. Since then we have been involved with a weimeraner rescue group. For this reason when I was this ad, I contacted our local weimeraraner rescue to begin the process to rescue to poor unfortunate dog in the ad. Fortunately this particular story has a happy ending, someone else who already was weims and understands the breed called and agreed to take the weim in question. This makes me happy. Still I wish people do a little research before getting a dog.

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VA Friend said...

I am glad that he found a good home.