Tuesday, July 24, 2007

A Day in San Diego

I took the day off yesterday, and K and I drove down to San Diego. It was a nice way to not spend so much of the day dwelling on the events of ten years ago. It was a very nice trip, and it made for a peaceful day.

We did not have any real set agenda when we arrived in San Diego, so we just kind of wandered around. After a lovely lunch at a hole-in-the-wall Japanese restaurant, we stumbled onto theTijuana River National Estuarine Research Reserve. The visitor center was closed so went for a hike along the trails.

It was neat because it is so different than what you stereotypically think of as the Southern California coast. We saw a surprising amount of wildlife and some really cool looking plants. To atmosphere was wonderful, a cool sea breeze blowing felt absolutely divine, especially when compared to the inferno of summers in Southern Arizona, it was nice to get out the heat, even if just for a day. Interestingly the reserve is exact southwest corner of the United States. We could see the Tijuana bull ring on the far hills across the estuary.

We also poked around the presido which is a collection of the oldest building in San Diego. It was kind of neat, but it defiantly had a tourist trap kind of feel to it, tacky, old timey souvenir shops now occupy the majority of the old buildings.

On our way out of town we also stoped at Trader Joe's to be some the tasty food that we can not get in our town. For K we also walked through Babies R' Us, as much as I want a child, it is almost a tangible lust for her. Hopefully she will get her wish soon.


Whitney said...

This month is an excellent time to get pregnant. The baby will be due in spring and with K's school schedule she will be able to have the whole summer off with the new baby.

No pressure though...

All our conceptions were a REALLY good time!

The Agent of Entropy said...

So true!