Sunday, July 22, 2007

Gila Gravity Main Canl

Continuing my training for this falls marathon I went for a 13 mile run along the banks of the Gila Gravity Main Canal, which brings water from the Colorado River to the agricultural areas of the County. It was a great day for running, because most unusually it was cloudy, a rare event in city ranked by the National Weather Service as America's sunniest city.

The Swastika Bridge

At the very start of my run I came across a most unusual landmark, the swastika bridge. Though it is incredibly jarring to see a bridge decorated in a swastika motif, further investigation revealed it to be less scandalous than it first appeared. According a date stamped on it, the bridge was constructed in 1907, when the swastika was merely a popular geometric design and a symbol of total evil. Still the bridge makes for a very jarring sight. I wonder if it was not in such a remote and obscure location if it would have been allowed to change

A Cotton Field

A lot of the early part of the run went through the farmland. Right now most fields are growing cotton. Between October and April, over 90% of the nation's vegetables will come from these fields.

The Canal Emerges From Under the Laguna Hills

It was unusually humid this morning and it was even worse along the canal. It reminded me of running in Louisiana, though I doubt it was that humid, still for it here it was. Also creating a Louisiana ambiance was the smell of stagnate canal water.

Me at the Turn Around

Though I was not especially speedy this morning It was a good solid run. I have no doubt that I will be ready for the San Diego half-marathon next month.


VA Friend said...

Excellent pictures!! Wow, the cotton plants with the contrast of the cracked and dried soil. It is amazing that they can get anything to grow there.

Swasticas? hmm, need to think about the acceptability of that. Weird that it is just out in the middle of America. I wonder why they didn't change the designs later on... Wonder if anyone thought about it.

The Agent of Entropy said...

Honestly I just think it has been forgotten about, the bridge is part of some irrigation works that have been abandoned for at least a generation

VA Friend said...

The bridge is very nicely built. It is a shame they don't build them like that anymore. Simply, a bridge over a drainage ditch and they took the time to make it pretty with decoration and all.