Monday, July 2, 2007

Pint Glass

As a pregnancy test is on my shopping list today, I am remembering an incident from the last time we had to buy one of those. This is from an e-mail about the incident.

The most disgusting thing happened to me last night. I had the following conversation with K while I was brushing my teeth last.

K: "hey you might not want to drink from the glass on the counter"

Me (looking at the ordinary pint glass siting on the counter that I has already drank out of several times that day):"Why?"

K: "I used in taking a pregnancy test this morning"

Me: horrified silence followed by gaging.


VA Friend said...

LOL Now that IS love!! The dollar store sells pregnacy tests too and work just as well as the more expensive ones. If you are thinking that the process could take a while or you will be using multiple tests you may want to think about visiting the dollar store. Good luck!!

The Agent of Entropy said...

That is good, however I have be specficaly intructed to get the brand name tests. I know the cheap ones work just as well and normaly I buy everything genaric. However I think that this is good situation just to give my wife what she wants without an argument.

whitney_sears said...

Yes, hormones and the stress of trying to get pregnant can make women do and say odd things. Best to stay on her good side right now!