Saturday, July 21, 2007

Fish Tank

After two months my fish tank is now almost fully set up. I have been keeping aquariums since 1999 and I have never had one turn out so good. I have a nice selection of very colorful fish that are living together peacefully.

Recently I discovered that Wal-Mart carries bulbs for aquatic plants. This means that you can get about six plants for about $2.50, a huge savings. A have put about a dozen in and they are just starting mature into some nice looking plants, they should look even nice as they further mature.

The other thing that is helping it look so nice is weekly partial water changes. I have heard for years that you are supposed to do this, but honestly I have been to lazy to do this. But lately I have discovered that it is not as big as bother as I thought it was and the results in keeping the tank sparkling are most impressive.

Later this week I will start my next project when I start setting up a 50 gallon tank in K's new classroom.

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VA Friend said...

It looks AWESOME!!! Makes me think about having one but oh, I don't know just yet.