Monday, July 30, 2007

Foster Puppy

The Puppy

We are involved with the local Weimaraner rescue group. This morning we got a call from someone who wanted to give up there four and half month old weim puppy. The back story of this puppy is complex, but basically someone who knew that we were involved with the weim rescue group was trying to home for his brother-in-laws unwanted weim puppy.

The puppy and one her new kids

As it happens we know someone in our neighborhood that has been very interested in getting a weimaraner. They live next door to our friends who have the weim that I take running with mine everyday. After finding out about this puppy we contacted them to see if they would be interested in having it. They said that were very interested meeting the puppy. So we made arrangements to pick up the puppy and set up a meeting with its potential new family.

The puppy meets its new family

The meeting went well, the family has three kids younger than ten, they are incredibly excited at the prospect of getting a puppy. They puppy also seem to like kids and the attendant grabbiness that comes along with kids. It was quite a scene there was three kids and five weimaraners, my two, the puppy, and our friends weim, running around. To sat the scene was chaotic is a gross understatement.

Zack Steals a Soccer Ball

It was great to see how good my dogs did with a bunch of wild kids, because that is what in their future. I am also glad that the kids found hilarious when Zack stole one of their soccer balls and flattened it.

Zack Will Not Give Up His Prize

Though the kids wanted the puppy, there parents were not ready to take the pup home immediately. The father still had not completely signed off the whole things, plus they needed to get there house ready for a puppy, and get things like a kennel. So for that reason the puppy came home with us and stayed the night.

K and the Pup

It is probably a good thing that the puppy is only staying with us for a night. I think is she stayed any longer that I could not give her up. She has such a sweet temperament and I have always wanted a blue weimaraner. She seems so happy to be in a loving environment that it is hard to have your heart melted. I have avoided calling the name that K has given her “inky,” if I did I would be even more attached.

Me and the Pup

It was fun to watch the puppy interact with my dogs, neither one has had much exposure to puppies. Zack was very good about it, he went about his business and was very patient when the puppy followed him around nipping at his feet and pulling on his ears. For some reason the puppy adopted Zack as her big brother, with her size and color she looked like his trailing shadow. Berkeley however was more troubled with having a puppy in house, at first she was excited. However as the hours passed and the puppy did not go home she became increasingly grumpy. No doubt she was concerned about her status as the “baby” of the house. She revels in being cutest and most dotted upon, a puppy definitely threatened her treasured position. Poor Berk, does not realize that puppy aside her days of being the “baby” of the house are numbered, hopefully soon there will be a real baby. Berk will adjust, but it won’t be fun for her.

Berkeley Got Jealous and also Demanded to be Held

By the time I get home from work tonight the puppy in likelihood will have moved on to its new home. I will be a little sad because she a great little dog and part of me could not help but want to keep her. I can’t be too sad because the puppy is going to great loving home. Also especially since we are planning to have a baby soon, we really don’t need a third dog. At least the puppy is not going far, her new home is only about a block away. I already stop next door everyday to pick up our friends weim so that he can join us on our daily runs, if I already run three weims, way not four. Overall this experience has left we feeling very good. It always tears my heart when I hear about all the dogs that need homes, it feels great to be able to help one out. Definitely a deposit in karma bank for me


Whitney said...

I think that is great that the puppy will have a new loving home to go to. It doesn't seem that it was abused or neglected in any way in the old home so that will make the transition a bit better. There are all kinds of reasons why a dog needs a new home. It is common for us to immediately think of neglect or abuse but often that is not the case. Anyway, it is good that the dog will be just around the corner. Now that will be a sight with you and 4 weims on a leash running around town.

Great job with the quick placement!

Meg Kribble said...

Zack has the biggest tongue ever. Amazing.

I hope pup has a great life with her new family, and it's so great that you'll get to see her!