Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Odds and Ends

It appears that K is not currently pregnant, though there is still not a definitive answer on this issue. I have mixed feeling on this issue, on one hand having a baby a few months later will make thing dramatically easier, as having the baby at the beginning of the summer K would not have to miss any work, on the other hand I realize that I really do want a kid. This desire still feels kind of odd, for so long pregnancy was something to be avoided at all costs, to want it now still feels counterintuitive. It’s like waking up one day a suddenly being told that cancer is the greatest thing ever and that you should totally get it. This wanting a baby thing is going to take some getting use to.

For the first time in years I was forced to flush a live healthy fish. I put someone new fish into the aquarium this weekend. For whatever reason this made the Blue Paradise Gourami go beserk. With in 24 hours it had gutted four of the new arrivals and was now attacking some the fish it had previously lived peacefully with. Internet research revealed, contrary to what the sign on the tank at Wal-Mart said, this type of fish is a notorious belligerent killer. I feel bad about having to flush it, but live fish are non-returnable at Wal-Mart and I don’t know anyone else locally with an aquarium.

Maybe the reason that the other gourami attacked the since flushed fish was it just knew that it was bad news. In any case all the remaining fish in aquarium seem much more relaxed and have come out of hiding. I got some replace for the killed fish last night, a got a couple of swordtails and lyre tailed molly. One of the swordfish is very pregnant so soon I will have many swordfish, was is kind of cool.

Tomorrow is a day off which is great. Unfortunately the forecast is calling for the possibility of record high temperatures. In Southern Arizona, in July this is frightening prospect, record temperatures mean above 120 degrees. After living in the New Orleans area for a couple of years I though I knew unpleasant summer heat. While the humidity down there certainly makes things worse, 120 degree heat, regardless humidity, is whole other level misery. In a situation like this there is only one thing to do, pool party!

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Meg Kribble said...

"One of the swordfish is very pregnant so soon I will have many swordfish, was is kind of cool."

Or it could turn out like it did with the angel fish we had when I was a kid--the fish could all enjoy a lot of caviar. Unless swordfish eggs aren't as yummy as angels.