Wednesday, July 25, 2007


According to the National Weather Service my town is the driest in America, averaging only 2.58 inches of rain a year, so when it does rain it is a big deal. Yesterday morning as I was getting ready for work the sky opened opened up and about an inch of rain fell. The last time that we had measurable rainfall was in November, so this rain was a most welcome sight.

Even though it had months since we last had rain, we have had numerous dust/sand storms. They left every thing covered with a layer of grit. One the most welcome things about the rain is that it has washed everything clean. The wet creosote bushes in desert give the air an incredible clean scent, that is vaguely reminiscent of some sort of cleaning product. The overall effect is that it feels like someone has scrubbed the world clean. It is raining again this morning. In the two plus years that I have lived here this is first time I have seen it rain two days in a row.

Yesterday morning when I got in car, it took me a moment to remember how to turn on the windshield wipes because it had been so long since I used them. Sitting unused in the desert sun is apparently not good for windshield wipers, when I finally turned on the passenger on flew off.

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Whitney said...

Wow! That is some rain coming down. Definitely worth taking a picture of. I know what you mean with rain washing the whole world clean. I think of it that way too. We also woke this morning to rain. A nice steady light rain. The weather man last night said the rain would be in the mountains and definitely not here but yet, we had rain.

I am interested to see what your rain brings now that the desert has had a nice drink of water. What plants will pop up here and there...