Sunday, August 26, 2007


The Arizona Department of Fish & Game has a program that adopts out
desert tortoises . These tortoises are the offspring of previously captured tortoises that can not be returned to the wild. More than year ago K put her name on the list to adopt one these tortoises, with idea of getting on for her classroom. This week she got a call saying that they had a tortoise available for her.

So now we have a desert tortoise, well until we move out of state, he remains property of the state that must be returned if we move out of state. He does not have a name yet. K is conducting a competition in her classes to give him a name. Apparently he is a big hit among all her students. One of the elementary schools in town has constructed a desert tortoise habitat in their yard, K and her principal are talking about doing the same at K's school.

She brings the tortoise home over weekend, Cosmo my fat black cat it utterly mesmerized by the tortoise. He has spent hours this weekend with his nose pressed to the glass of the tortoise trying to figure what the hell the tortoise is.

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contrary quite mary said...

He or is it she looks fascinating. Remember the Hermet Crabs and their outdoor "habitat" !