Sunday, August 19, 2007


Berkeley & Duke

This weekend Berkeley and Zack's best weimer pal Duke came to stay with us. All three dog had a fun but loud time. Although by the end Zack was starting to get a little grumpy as he grew concerned that Duke might never leave. One thing that this weeekend to prove is that two is perfect number of weimaraners, three is just too much dog.

One of the New Blushing Tetras

I continued the restocking of my aquarium, I got three blushing tetras. I had never heard of them before I saw them it PetsMart. It is always kind of exciting when I find something new for the aquarium. They survived the first night which good because it seems like if things are going to dies they will do it with in the first 24 hours. Duke was utterly fascinated by the aquarium, he would sit there and stare bugged eyed at it, occasionally snapping at a fish, I have never seen a dog entranced by a fish tank before, Duke is an odd one.

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