Thursday, August 2, 2007

Cardinal Tetras

So now that what ever disease that was rampaging though my aquarium has ended it is time to rebuild my decimated population, about half my fish died. Tonight at PetsMart I found some fish that I have wanted for a long time, Cardinal Tetras. The picture above does not really do them justice, but they are vibrantly colored and they really add something to my aquarium.

Also at PetsMart tonight we got the first fish for K's 50 gallon classroom aquarium. Her entire classroom is starting to look really good. She is so excited for the school year, which is so nice to see. Its so nice that she will be teaching at our neighborhood school this year, rather than having drive 30 miles to get work like she did last year.

I am getting excited about this weekends training run. I am going to run to Mexico. I have plotted a nice route that will take me the required 19 miles from downtown to the border crossing and back. I can't wait

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