Tuesday, August 14, 2007

A Rant

Currently I am extremely irked by the American Institute of Certified Planners. The AICP is the organization that dose the professional certification for my profession, As of May I finally had worked long enough as a professional planner to qualify to take the AICP exam. The deadline for applying for the November AICP test is today, the application to take the exam is very extensive, consisting of eight very long a tedious essay questions about my professional planning experience. There is also a registration fee, but nowhere on there website did they mention how much the fee was, so I assumed it was a nominal fee.

This was a bad assumption, after spending over a total of ten hours working on the application, I hit submit, and a screen asking for my credit card information and $450 poped up. How infuriating they only tell you the price after you spent hours working on the application.

Sadly all this mean I have to wait another six months to take the AICP exam. I was not expecting it cost so much. When K and made a budget for the summer, during which she was not brining in any paychecks, we did not include an extra $450. So now I have to wait until May of 2008 to the exam. If I had a little advance warning of the price I would have been able to set aside the money for it.

If you are going to charge that much for exam at least be up front about it, don’t hide the true cost until the last minute. I guess this partially my fault for assuming a organization with professional certification organization would act in a professional manner

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Whitney said...

You are right to be a bit irked. $450 is quite an application fee. They should have told you somewhere that it would cost that much. Keep your answers to the questions so you don't have to do THAT all over again in May.