Wednesday, August 8, 2007


This morning I had a surreal conversation with K. I was awakened by Zack barking and I noticed that it was light out. Fearing that I had missed the alarm I asked K what time it was, the clock is on her night stand and without my glasses I could not read the clock. Her response, “Peacock.”

Figuring she was still asleep I asked with a little louder voice “No, what time is it?”

With exasperation in her voice from the fact that I was still bothering her she again replied “Peacock!”

Now shaking her a little bit I again asked “What time is it?

“Blue and white”

“K, wake up. What time is it?”

“Blue AND white!!!” with that she rolled away clearly annoyed that I was still pestering her.

“Seriously what time is it?”

“Red and white”

With that I gave up, saw that the alarm was two minutes from ringing, and started to get ready for my morning run with the dogs. Later this morning I asked K about this surreal exchange, she had no recollection of it, though she did remember a dream about fish.

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