Thursday, August 30, 2007

The Long Road to Long Beach

The next marathon that I am going to run is Long Beach Marathon on October 15th. This seems like a very long way off, or it did until I realized that as of this weekend I only have 4 more weeks to train for it. The race is six weeks from this Sunday, however the last two weeks before a marathon are supposed to be spent resting, so this leaves me just four weeks for training.

Because I have not gotten a good training run since I twisted my ankle it time kick thing into high gear, come hell or high water. For all my previous 11 marathons I have only done one training run of 20+ miles prior to the race, for this one I want to see what happens if do more than one. Hopefully it will help me reach my goal finishing a Marathon in less than 3:45. So this weekend it is time to pound 20 miles.

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