Friday, August 10, 2007

Quiet Weekend Ahead

It looks like this weekend will be quite one, as of yet we have no plans for it. I even plan to throttle back the running slightly. The past three weekends I have been bumped my mileage up significantly, so I am going to take it relatively easy this weekend with a nice slow 13 miler to the abandoned suspension bridge.

I have already added something to my aquarium this week so I did not even the pleasure of looking forward to adding something to my aquarium. Another factor auguring towards a quite weekend is the fact that K has already informed me that she will be spending most of it working on homework. Sigh, I guess I will get something the things that I have been putting off for a while done, like cleaning out my pit of a garage.

Next weekend should be a lot more exciting we will be doing something to mark my birthday, though I don’t what yet. We will also be watching our friends weimaraner, so with three full grown weims in the house it should be chaos, which is actually kind of fun.

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