Sunday, August 12, 2007

Blue Comes For a Vist

Blue and Berkeley

Yesterday our former foster puppy now named Blue came over for a visit. She is looking very good, much less malnourished. She was so skinny when K rescued her about two weeks ago. She is clearly still making up for lost time as she hunted down and ate every scrap of food she could while she was over.

Berk Teaches Blue About the Joy of Dirty Dishes

All three dogs had a great, but very loud, time. We introduced Blue to the pool which both intrigued and frightened her at the same time. Berkeley finaly stoped seeing Blue as competition and began to have fun with her.


The end result of all this was some extremely tired dogs. This worked out well for us. Because of my twisted ankle Berkeley and Zack are not going to get to run for a while. Blue's visit provided a great outlet for a that weim energy. Though we don't have room or the time for a third dog, it is fun borrow someone else puppy for a few hours.

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Whitney said...

ahhh, Nice puppies!! And I think that was you in the bottom picture...blogging?...