Tuesday, May 15, 2007

The Wrath of Cosmo

Cosmo, a big fat black cat, is our oldest pet and the first pet that we got as a couple. As of this summer we will have had him for seven years. He is a great cat, his personality can best described as the "Jolly Fat Man." However if he gets pissed off another side of his personality comes out, he has developed a very unique an effective way of expressing his wrath.

Ironically for a cat who will eat almost anything, Cosmo could not be any finickier about the cat litter that he does his business in, he has his favorite brand, and woe onto us if we dare use anything else.

Last week by mistake we pick of the wrong kind of cat litter, making matters far worse the litter that we bought was not clay, like his preferred brand, but rather some sort of new biodegradable wood based product. Cosmo was not pleased, and would soon show us displeased he truly was.

Saturday we arrived home late after going out to dinner. Tired I striped off the shorts that I was wearing and dropped them in hall and headed for the bathroom. My wife who was behind watched Cosmo saunter up to my shorts and use his paws to move them around a little. He then made direct eye contact with my wife, and the proceed to urinate into the front pocket of my shorts, right onto my wallet, which I had neglected to remove.

This is the standard penalty for the high crime of providing him with the wrong type of litter. If you don't give his favorite kind of cat litter, he will make it a point to pee on something you care about. He now has his favorite brand back and is once again the jolly fat man.

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Anonymous said...

Don't corrupt the litter box. You WILL pay.