Tuesday, May 29, 2007

A New Beginning

My wife started teaching at her new school yesterday. She has been planning for a while to work at the middle school that is only a mile from our house, rather than at the one she was working at this year which was 35 miles to southwest of our house. Her new school is in a different school district and their school year ends two weeks after the end of the year in her old district.

Apparently at her new school they were never able to hire a full time science teacher for this school year. So for the entire year the kids have been taught by an ever changing series of substitute teachers. Because of this they gave my wife the chance to come and substitute for the last two weeks of school, in order for her to get a jump on next year.

She love her new school, co-workers, and children. It looks like it will be a much better situation than her last school was. As nice as her new school is, it does one strange peculiarity. Though it has been open since 2004 it is still incomplete. They have been building it in phases. The fact they are phasing is not a particularly unusual, it is the manner in which they have phased things that is unusual. For example the school has had a gym since it opened, however construction on locker rooms for the gym is just now about to be begin. They also have not gotten around to landscaping, the school essentially sits in a giant sandbox.

I guess these quirks are better than the
alternative of over crowded schools. Still it saddens me that they don't have the money to build the school that those kids deserve all once. It is even sadder that because it is so hard to recruit teachers to the this area they were forced to use substitutes to teach science for the entire year.
All this aside I think this is wonderful place for my wife to work. She couldn't be any happier, something that in turn makes me happy.

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VAfriend said...

There is nothing better than a new school, new start, and great students!! Tell her congratulations for me and that I am so happy that she is so excited about her new placement!