Sunday, May 27, 2007

No Pictures Please

I just found out that there is picture of me dressed in drag in the yearbook of my the school that my wife worked at this year. There is believe it or not there is logical explanation for this.

My department gives you your birthday off, my birthday is near the beginning of the school year, it so happened that my wife was running the back to school assembly that day. I decided to go watch the assembly, to give her some support and so that right afterwards we could go over border and have my birthday dinner in Mexico. One of the topics to be covered in the assembly was the dress code.

Her plan, to make a dry topic a little more entertaining, was to demonstrate the kind of clothing considered to be inappropriate by have a male teacher wear what was to be considered inappropriate female attire and a female teacher wear what was considered inappropriate male attire. However at the last second the male teacher that she had recruited to dress in drag chickened out.

I have a hard time saying no to my wife, which explains how I found my self dressed in what could be best described as "hoochy club ware" in front a couple hundred screaming middle schoolers. This moment was immortalized with a picture in the yearbook. This blog entry has been deliberatly left unillustrated.

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VAfriend said...

Now you've got my curiousity peeked!! Hmmmm what do you look like in drag...