Friday, May 25, 2007

The Secret Break Room

Seventh in a Series on My Pre-Professional Jobs

During my Junior year at college I got a part-time seasonal Job at Target. It was only for the holiday seasonal and the job was not all that remarkable, basically my job was shelving things in the back room. It was an almost completely forgettable job. And over the past six years I had largely forgotten it. Then last month I rented Employee of the Month at saw the following scene:

That scene made laugh so hard I almost peed myself, because in back room at the Target I worked at there was a very similar secret break room. It was composed of a pile of bean bags that was surrounded by pallets of dog food upon a shelf twenty feet high. Employees went there when they really didn't feel like working. Somr even went as far as to take a short nap in there, though I never personally had the nerve to nap at work.

Next Job: Working My Way Up From the Bottom, an Internship

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