Thursday, May 24, 2007

The Hardy Pioneers

I put the first fish into my fish tank. I put in five Zebra Danios I like to think of them as the hardy pioneers of my fish tank. I always start a new fish tank with Zebra Danios, because of two of their outstanding qualities, the are extremely hardy and as well as being the cheapest fish at Petsmart. It not that I consider them to be heartlessly expendale it is just that I have learned the hard way not try to establish an aquarium using expensive fragile fish.

I enjoy how active they are, they are constantly darting around the fish tank, they are one of the most active kind of fish that you can put in an aquarium. Every aquarium needs some fish to dart around and bring some motion to the scene.

As happy as I am with having some fish in the fish tank the cats are ecstatic, in our old homes they were always obsessed with the fishtanks, spending hours staring into them. They love the new set up because for the first time there is a cat sized ledge running along three sides of the tank. Cats now seem to be permanently affixed to these ledges.

Neither the cats nor I can wait until I can add the next fish to the aquarium I think next I will add something a little colorful.


VAfriend said...

Have the cats every gone fishing in your tanks?

The Agent of Entropy said...

Not this one because it is totaly closed off, they do paw at the glass.

There favorite fish tank was the little 10 gallon one that started out with, and that my wife now has in her classroom. They liked it because they could get at the water. I never saw them fishing, but while it was set up it was the only place I ever saw the drink water from, they must have enjoyed the fishy flavor