Thursday, May 17, 2007

Good Dog

This morning Zack has earned the title "The Best Dog in the World." Last night he saved us from thousands of dollars of water damage.

For about a week our water heater has had a slight leak in it, the bottom has rusted out. It however was a manageable leak, I was able to collect a the water that leaked out in a five gallon bucket. We had called a plumber and scheduled the replacement of the water heater for this morning.

Last night, just after midnight, after we had gone to sleep, the problem got much worse. The rusted bottom totally gave way, unleashing an unending torrent of water into the garage. Asleep in bed I had no way of knowing that something was amiss. Fortunately for us Zack is ever vigilant for strange noises.

I woke up to Zack barking up a storm, I got up muttering curses about him forgetting to go pee before he went to bed. However when I got to the other side of the house, where he was barking, I was able to hearing the sound of rushing of water coming from the garage.

When I went to investigate I found an inch of water on the floor of the garage with the water rapidly rising. I shut the water off and opened the garage door to let the water out. Fortunately I had caught it in time to prevent any serious damage. If the water had kept running for another six hours when my alarm clock was set to go off, the damage could have been quite substantial.

Lucky for us Zack was on top of things. What was our other dog Berkeley doing during this entire drama? Snoring loudly in bed.


O'Donovan said...

Good boy, Zack!

Beth said...

Oh, good dog!

Anonymous said...

Whatta good boy! He still looks crazed though.

maloken said...

Let Zach drink that beer.

Meg said...

When I started reading, I thought you were going to say that Zack was the best because he'd learned to fetch beer!