Monday, May 21, 2007


Fifth in Series on my Crappy Pre-Professional Jobs

The summer after my sophomore year, which would be the last summer that I would go home to my parents, I got off to late start job hunting because I had spend the previous semester abroad in Malta and did not get back to the U.S. until
mid-June. Because of this I had to go the temp agency route again. I wound up working two rather bizarre jobs that summer, this is story of the first one.

The temp agency told me that I would be working with a plumbing company and that the job site was one of the dorms at the local university, ironically it was next to the dorm where I had worked my first job. I showed up to the job site not knowing exactly what to expect. They gave a hard hat, safety goggles, a sledgehammer, and a jackhammer. Awesome, I was going to get to smash things, I love smashing things.

My task was to start up on the 12th floor and work my through each bathroom, destroying everything. Showers, tile, toilets, sink, and some walls, it all had to go. Having just spent a year living in dorm, and enduring the horrors of a dorm bathroom, I greatly enjoyed bringing the doom to dorm bathroom after dorm bathroom.

Growing up one of my favorite games for the original Nintendo was Rampage. The premise of this game was simple, you were a monster whose objective was to destroy cities. The game beautiful in its simplicity, each level was composed of a city, once you destroyed everything on screen you got to move on to the next level. I loved that game, and with this job I felt like I was living it, destroy one bathroom then move on to the next.

This job only lasted about a month, which probably a good thing, because I am sure after that point it would have ceased being so fun. But as it was, I had a lovely month indulging my destructive tendencies. The next place that temp agency sent me would not be nearly so fun.

Next Crappy Job: The Phone Book Factory


Lauren said...

What a great gig!!

Out of curiousity, did you bring any particular methodology to bear as you destroyed these bathrooms, i.e., tile first, mirror second (and so on)?

The Agent of Entropy said...

I favor freeform destruction. I followed my destructive muse where it would take me