Monday, May 28, 2007


I recently ran across some pictures from are old house in Louisiana (above). It struck me how radically different of an environment it was than my current home in Arizona. I love living in Arizona, but sometimes I miss the green, just a little bit.


VAfriend said...

Wow, what a contrast!! Have you contacted your local extension office yet? I added a new section to my veggie garden at our house and while I was shoveling compost and top soil into the area I thought about you and your mild hopes of a garden. You could do it easily with some good compost, top soil, and water. I was also thinking that if you had some sort of shade tarp to put over it in the heat of the day. Like a woven light weight black cloth, I have seen them at the national chain hardware stores. I bet you could have a couple great raised beds!!

The Agent of Entropy said...

With day time temps soon to be reaching 115+ it is too hot to plant anything right now, so I will have to wait to fall, which should give me time to figure what to do. The landscape/gardening project next on my list is planting the biggest Grapefruit tree that I can find. I love Grapfruit and the ones off my neighbors tree are among the best I have evere tasted so I would love a tree of my own.

VAfriend said...

Yum!!! My grandfather lives in Florida in the winter and he has an orange tree that produces some yummy oranges!!