Friday, March 30, 2007

Happy Zack Day!

We do not know when Zack's birthday is, we do not even know how old he even is. So instead of celebrating his birthday he gets to celebrate Zack Day, which marks the anniversary of the day that we brought him home from the shelter. Today is the the third Zack Day. I searched and found the e-mail that I sent out to friends and family when brought Zack home. I also found the first picture that I ever saw of him (we were working with the Weimeraner rescue groups and they let us know that Zack was available), he look so much happier now.

The menagerie has another member, Zack. Zack is a big boy tipping the scales at 70 lbs, Berkeley is only 50 lbs. He is such a sweet boy. Poor thing has had a very a rough life. Originally he was abandoned and running loose in Lake Charles, Louisiana, he was then in the shelter for a very long time, got adopted, and then returned to the shelter again after just 6 weeks. Then after a few more weeks we adopted him. Poor guy had never been in house until we brought him home, his previous owners kept him outside all the time. But he is quickly learning that he is safe in house and finally part of the family.

He has become such a treasured member of our family. Berkeley has loved the arrival of Zack more than anyone. She got a big brother and playmate. They have been inseparable since we brought Zack home. The picture to the left shows their very first meeting. Berkeley did not even mind the fact that she had to give up all her favorite toys, Zack at them within 24 hours of coming home. Now she just chews on him. I am totally convinced that dogs should be kept in pairs, they need the companionship that only another dog can provided them, dogs need a pack. We leave them to go to work, etc. but they are always together. They are both much happier for it.

I love to run, and there could be no more perfect running partner than Zack. No matter how fast or far we go he is always pushing to go a little bit faster and one step further. I have never met any creature that had a more pure love of running than Zack. His enthusiasm is in infectious, I very much doubt that I would be running twice a day if I did not have him as a running partner. How can I not have good time when he is obviously having such a good time running. Besides no one is more pushy about not missing a run.


Meg said...

A wonderful tribute to a great dog. Happy Zack Day!

gaelstat said...

Both Zack and Berkeley are awesome dogs. But then, I've always had a thing for Weimaraners - their expressions are so human, somehow. I blame it all on William Wegman and Fay Wray.

Annie said...

Happy belated Zack Day!!!

Beautiful dogs, DD.