Thursday, March 15, 2007


Today is the first day of the yoga class that I have signed up for. In many ways this is very strange thing for me to be doing. For one thing I gave of stretching before running a few years ago. I don't even bother to stretch before marathons. This because a few years ago I began to notice that I felt the same before or after a run regardless if I stretched, so I just stoped doing it.

Though I am sure yoga is more than just stretching, I have limited knowledge of it. My one and only exposer to yoga was in third grade when that attempted to teach us yoga in school, I went to a private school named Rivendell run by people who had never left the 60's. I did not like yoga in third grade, so ever since it has been on my list of things that I do not like.

My wife and her friend decided to sign up for a yoga class at the local community college and they asked me if would also like to do it. I agree to do it, I figure there are a lot of things that I enjoy now that I did not enjoy in third grade, I sure don't think girls are icky anymore. Also I always enjoying do things with my wife and she has gone outside of her comfort zone to go running with me. So I figure I can at least give yoga a shot. Should at the very least be interesting.

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kitten said...

Yay for yoga- I jut started too and you will love it.