Monday, March 19, 2007


One of my favorite sporting events is the NCAA Basketball tournament. However I just can not get into this year. Perhaps one of the reason is near total lack of upsets. I am a sucker for the whole David. v. Goliath storyline, and Goliath has been mopping the floor with David, which to me is not very interesting.

Probably the bigger reason for relative lack of enthusiasm is that there is no way that this years tournament can live up to the excitement of last year. Normally when I mention to people that I went to school at Bradley all get is blank stare, I am not sure that many people outside of Illinois have ever even heard of Bradley before, I hadn't growing up in Colorado until they sent me a letter saying that I could go there for free. At which point I whipped out an atlas to see where the hell Peoria even was. But when Bradley made it to the sweet 16, it let me puff out my chest and say "Yeah that's right I went to Bradley." Kind of silly, but who cares it was a damn good time. I bet it would have been even more fun if the basketball team was good while I was in school. Having them pull off two monumental upsets to advance to sweet 16 was without a doubt one of the best experiences that I have ever had as a sports fan, and very hard to duplicate.

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