Friday, April 6, 2007

Planner III!

My promotion finally came through and I am now officially a Planner III. I am already doing the work of a Planner III so my daily routine won't change. I do get a nice 6% raise, which will bump me above the 50k line for the first time ever. Not too bad considering that less than two years ago I was making less than $6 an hour stocking shelves at a grocery store. What a lovely way to start to weekend. I have been working towards this for over a year, and it happened almost exactly as I planned it. What a novelty that is.

The next step up the career latter is much more daunting, management. But that is worry for much latter. Right now I am just going to be happy

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O'Donovan said...

CONGRATULATIONS! What fabulous (and much deserved, I assume) news!