Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Tattoo Lust

This is the design for my next tattoo. The 21 point sun represents the day I got married. The sun because it was the summer solstice. The 3 large points represent the year, 2003, the six larger points the month, June, and all 21 points the day, the 21st. I am not sure what will be in the rest of the design. The thing in the center is an old alchemy symbol for fusion.

As soon as money permits I am going to get this put on the middle of my back. This would be my 4th tattoo. I say it is going to be my last but I am not entirely sure that I believe this. My lust for tattoo seem insatiable.

I am not sure why this is, but it is. I get one then with a few years, I just feel the need to get another one. I wonder if this had any deep meaning. I think about that a lot, but so far I can not come up with anything other than the fact that I really like how tattoo look.

I think that this is coolest design that I have come up with yet. Sigh, why must homeownership be such an expensive propsition

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