Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Marathons That I Have Run

This week I will run in my 10th marathon, for mt own amusent I have writen a little somehting about each of the 9 previous marathons that I have run in.

1. Columbus Marathon-Columbus, OH - October 2002

The most memorable of all the marathons that I have run simply because it was the first. I remember being so nervous for this one, I had no idea if could actually run 26.2 miles. It was quite a feeling to find out that I could. I whole experience was just so exciting, and got me hooked on running marathons. The only thing about this marathon fondly is the night after marathon at 3:00 am the fire alarm went off in hotel I was staying at, which meant that I had walk down 4 flights of stairs, the only problem being that well legs were so sore and tight that I could not bend them, ugh.

2. Mississippi Coast Marathon-Waveland, MS - November 2003

Of the 9 marathons that I have run, this was the worst experience. The reason for this is very simple, sudden and intense intestinal distress. Thankfully there were many porta-potties along the course. Because of this experience I know take a preventative Immodeia before each marathon to guarantee that this unpleasant experience will never be repeated.

3. Mardi Gras Marathon - New Orleans, LA - February 2004

The most memorable thing about this race is that it both started and finished in the Superdome. The cool thin was the entire facility was just open, while looking for a restroom without a line a mile long before the race I was able to explore the bowels of the Superdome, which really neat. The actual run was rather unmemorable, for such interesting city the organizers of this race picked out a very mundane course.

4. San Francisco Marathon- San Francisco, CA - August 2004

I happened to be in Sacramento for a weeding the same weekend that this race to place. The only downside was that wedding was the night before the race. This and the fact that we got horribly lost meant that we did not get to hotel until 2:00 am, not ideal for a race with a 6:30 start time. Not to surprisingly I ran the first 20 miles at very slow pace. Then something very surprising happened, at mile 20, the point where I usually hit the wall, I realized that I was actually feeling very good. Shockingly I was able to run each of the next 6 miles progressively faster and set a P.R. by a significant amount. This was also by far the most scenic course I have ever run on, what a neat way to discover San Francisco. This is also the first time a saw the barefoot dude. You got to respect someone who can run a marathon barefooted.

5. Mississippi Coast Marathon - Waveland, MS - November 2004

The only marathon that I have run twice. About 5 minutes before the starting gun went off the heaves opened up and downpour of biblical proportions began. By time it ended about 90 minutes later about 2.5" of rain had fallen. Running in the rain was blast. However when the sun came out for the second half of the race it truly sucked, it was wicked humid, and my clothes and shoes were totally sodden. One neat thing about this course is that it run at NASA rocket engine test faclity which normaly is not the sort of thing you get to see.

6. First Light Marathon - Mobile, AL - January 2005

The best marathon that I have run to date. Mobile turned out to be a surprisingly attractive and interesting city to run through. This is where I set my current P.R. I woke up feeling great that morning and had one of those run where you just feel like you are flying, I smashed by P.R. by 20 minutes and broke the 4 hour barrier a goal that I though I was years away from achieving. This was one of those rare times when absolutely everything went right.

7. Carlsbad Marathon - Carlsbad, CA - January 2006

Without a doubt the good feelings from a Broncos playoff win the night before extend into this race. It was an absolutely stunning oceanside course. Sadly I started off the day with dead legs, that combined with he hills killed any chance a good time. Still this race was a blast.

8. Desert Classic Marathon - Surprise, AZ - February 2006

This race started on the very fringe of suburban Phoenix and ran 13.1 out into the desert and back. I was impressed that they were able cone of 13.1 miles of road. The is hell of a lot of traffic cones. I nearly beat my P.R. on this one so this was a good race.

9. Wyoming Marathon - East of Laramie, WY - May 2006

This race was a total disaster on many levels, yet still wound up being a good time. The disaster began when I left for the race with out my MP3 player. I absolutely can not stand running without and MP3 player, I also forgot a watch so I had no way to pace my self during the race. I also left with the mistake assumption that I would be able to find a place near the race to eat breakfast. As it turns the only place I could find open was a truck stop, not the ideal place to find a quality meal to fuel you for a marathon. I bombed the race I finished a full half hour slower than my slowest time ever. The altitude 0f 8,700 just killed me, as did endlessly long up hill finish. Yet the state park that had the race is was so beautiful that I still had a wonderful time.

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