Monday, October 15, 2007

Post Race Analysis

Above is chart showing the my minute/mile pace for each mile of yesterday's Long Beach Marathon, the data was obtained from my GPS unit. I finished with a time of 4:24, far from my goal of 3:55. As can be seen in the above graph I gradually slowed down for almost the entire race. In the 10 previous marathons I run, I have never had such a long gradual decline in speed.

The last marathon that I ran before this one, in Los Angeles, in March followed the typical pattern, I able to hold a relatively stable pace until about mile 20 when I hit the wall and my pace drops dramatically.

I guess all this goes to show, some times you start a race and you can immediately tell that "you got it" that day, and some day you know that it is just not going be your day. Yesterday was the later.

All this aside I still had a great time. When they make the pictures available I will write a post about the fun parts of the race, of which there was many.


Anonymous said...

wow I didn't know you could get that kind of information from your Runner's GPS. Makes for interesting thought post race. glad that there were interesting sites to see along the way to make it fun.

Whitney said...

I am proud that you just finished. Much more of a feet than I could even venture to think about. 4:24 isn't a bad time. You shouldn't beat yourself up. Give me one good thing you accomplished during the race...