Monday, October 8, 2007

Last Run Before Long Beach

At the McPhaul Bridge

It is now less than a week until I run the Long Beach Marathon, so having today off for Columbus Day I put in my last training run, a leisurely 13 miler. So I decided to run up to one, one of the more bizarre local landmarks, the McPhaul Bridge.


The McPhaul Bridge is a suspension bridge that has been abandoned for decades. In its time it was no doubt an impressive structure, it was designed by the person who designed the Golden Gate Bridge. Now it stands decaying in the middle of nowhere the highway it once carried long since rerouted, and the river it spanned long since run dry.

The Gila Rive Has Long Since Run Dry

I am really excited about this Sunday's marathon. I think that I have a real chance for a PR. Also with a baby on thee way it is hard to say when I will have the time or money for a marathon. So it should be fun this weekend.

On the Bridge


Whitney said...

So, I have to know. Did you cross the bridge, risking life and limb, or did you snap the picture and then return to solid soil, or is it sand? LOL

The Agent of Entropy said...

I did not go very far out on it. You can't realy tell from the pictures, but the bridge deck is made of wooden planks covered by a little bit of asphalt. They had a veru rotten squishy feeling, so I turned back

Whitney said...

ooo...I wouldn't have ventured out very far either. You DO want to see the birth of your child. So better safe than sorry.