Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Go Rockies

Tomorrow the Colorado Rockies play in the World Series for the first time and I am excited. To describe my self as a big baseball fan would be a lie, I can't not remember the last time a watched a baseball game start to finish devoting my full attention to the game, I enjoy a baseball game the most when it is on in the background while I do other things, this allows me to pay attention during the interesting parts and do other things during the copious dead time that baseball games are so full of.

However back when I was in elementary school/junior high I had a much greater love for baseball and followed closely. It was an exciting for baseball in Colorado, as in 1993, the summer before my 7th grade year the Colorado Rockies played there first year, and I like much of the rest of the state was swept in Rockies fever. One of the fondest memories I have from this era of my life was going to a game during their first month of existence at the old Mile High Stadium. They were beyond bad, but nobody cared and over 70,000 people, an unheard of attendance figure for baseball, packed the stadium.

As the years went by my interest in baseball slowly waned, the Rockies never got good, and I just have never found baseball to be interesting enough to follow that closely unless a team I liked was winning, and for better or worse the Rockies remained my team. Once I left Colorado, the Rockies and baseball fell even further into the background. However with there amazing feat of winning the last 21 out of 22 games which has vaulted them into the World Series, had brought them back into the forefront of my attention. Once again I am excited about the Rockies and baseball, if for no other reason than it reconnects me with the 13 year old version of my self who was so excited about baseball back in the spring of '93.

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Anonymous said...

thank god for the little yellow pocket made from Big Bird Fur -- glad you enjoyed yourself and that the memories are happy ones.