Monday, December 10, 2007

Through the Lettuce and Broccoli

Lettuce Field

After talking about it for weeks I finally got off my butt yesterday and began training for my next marathon. I only went 12 miles because I had to knock off two months worth of rust. It was great to go for a long run again, a nice reminder of why I love to this. I was also reminded why I love winter down here. It was perfect running weather, in the high 50's and somewhat overcast. For a change running outdoors was brisk and refreshing.

This time of year the valley resembles a giant salad bowl. Between November and April 96% of the green vegetables eaten in the U.S. are grown here. One of the funniest things is how much the valley smells like a salad bowl this time of year. The broccoli fields in particular have a strong odor. This is not fun for K right now, one of the more bizarre side effects of here pregnancy is that the smell of green vegetable, which she used to love, now make her nauseous. This being case, she could not be pregnant in worse place or time. Fortunately the veggies smell does not make up onto the mesa where we live.

Broccoli Field

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Whitney said...

With my first, I couldn't eat sweet potatoes, broccoli, or handle the smell of coffee. With my second, I couldn't handle the sight of any kind of meat on the bone. This made the holidays quite tense as I had to ask my father in law to please remove the turkey from the table and carve it somewhere else. With my third I had no food aversions but I craved eggs! Ironically, my first hates broccoli, my second doesn't really like meat and my third hates eggs but eats everything else. Weird huh?