Saturday, December 29, 2007


Thursday we found out that we are having a girl. We have already decided to name her Amelia. K came up with this name a few weeks ago, and we both decided that we liked it. What we didn't know until we started telling family members of our name selection is that name Amelia has deep roots in my family.

When I told my grandmother what we planned on naming the baby, I found out that one of my great-grandmothers was named Amelia. Interestingly it was her husband, my great-grandfather that my parents named me after.

Talking to my parents I found out for the first that had my brother or I been born a girl, Amelia was on the short list of girls names that they were considering.

The fact that we unknowingly picked a name with so much family history, absolutely convinces me that we picked the right name. Now that my little girl to be has a name my impending fatherhood to be feel even more real, and that is exciting.


Whitney said...

What a beautiful name! We had a similar experience happen with our third's name, Caroline. Seems that my great great grandmother was named Caroline. We didn't find this out until I started doing research on that side of the family last year. Names are chosen for a reason. Sometimes those that you just like turn up to have more meaning than you originally thought.

Congrats on your little baby girl. How fun!!

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Meg Kribble said...

A beautiful name and a great story. Yay, Amelia!