Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Inga Goes Home

K and Inga
This weekend Inga's new family came down from Phoenix and picked her up. Inga found all this very exciting and when the time came for her to go she jumped into the waiting car with out even looking back.

It was amazing how far she came in two plus weeks that she stayed with us. Most notably she managed to pack 10 lbs, on to her emciated 39 lbs frame. Unfortuantley in order to this we had make a lot food avalible, something that Berkeley and Zack to full advatage of and they porked out, Zack is pushing 90 lbs. But even more amazing than Inga's physical recovery was how hew sweet personality emerged as came to feel safe, and how she quick and easily she integrated herself into our household.

A Full Couch

While I a very happy that Inga has gone to a great home, it is sad to see her go. She was such a great little dog. Berkeley ans Zack have been even sorry to her go, they had really accepted her as one of the pack. The cats however are estacic, they love the idea of the number weimaraners in the house going down. They must think Santa came early.

Inga and I

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