Friday, June 15, 2007


It is 6:40 pm and 112.7 degrees out, which driving me nuts because I want to run so bad. Normally I run once when I first get up, and then again some time between 6:00 & 7:00. I have gotten use to this routine, so not following it, bugs me. I start getting filled up with a pent up energy, and start pacing, I feel like spring that it progressively getting wound tighter. I feel compelled to get up and do something. 112.7 Degrees is simply to hot to run, so I watch the thermometer and wait

Making this worse is the dogs, who get even more agitated than I do when their running routine is disrupted. They get wilder and wilder as they get increasingly impatient with me. This in turn makes me even more anxious to run.

Eventually as the summer wears on both the dogs and I will adjust to our much later running time, but it is always annoying at the beginning of the really hot season. Thank god that Arizona never goes on to daylights saving time, our we have to wait had an extra hour for the sun to set on summers hottest days.


VA Friend said...

I had no idea that Arizona doesn't run on Daylight Savings Time. I wonder how many other states don't do it and for what reasons.

The Agent of Entropy said...

I think the only other place is about half the counties in Indiana. I have no idea why they wouldn't do it in Indiana, but they don't do it here so that the sun will set sooner during the heat of summer