Monday, June 25, 2007

Sun Room

Recently we got new furniture for the sun room. It has dramatically improved the usability of the room. The old table and chairs that we had in there were not bad, but for whatever reason the room was just not comfortable so we never would up using the room.

We were at Kohls the other day when found this patio set, composed of two chairs and a love seat. It was extremely comfortable and we really liked how it looked. Unfortunately they wanted about $600 for the set, a lot more than we were prepared to spend.

However they were having a 10% off sale which brought the price down, but not enough. My wife turns to me at tells me that she thinks that she can get an even better price on it. I had no idea what she was talking about but told her to go ahead and see what she could do.

She then went and got the manager and began to haggle. I wandered off
at this point. I am no haggler and would just cramp her style. After about a half hour of looking at running shoes, she calls me over and told me that gotten manage to reduce the price to $250. She got them to knock back the price for, it being a floor model, having a dents, and opening a store credit card (since closed).

I have to say that she impresses me, who even knew you could haggle at stores like that? This is not the first time I have seen her do this. We got our fish tank cabinet at a much reduced price after bargaining with manage at PetSmart. I am so different, to me prices have always been like the speed of light, unchangeable. Good thing I married someone smarter than me.

The sun room is now a lovely place to spend time. I can hardly wait for cooler weather so that we can use it even more.

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VA Friend said...

It looks awesome. You will need to get your wife to give us some pointers on haggling. Bringing the price from $600 to $250 is quite an accomplishment!