Friday, June 1, 2007

8th Street

The best place to eat in my town is not in one the innumerable chain restruants, but rather at the taco stands on 8th Street. Cheaper and tastier Mexican food can not be found. Tonight I stuffed my self with six tasty canrne asada taco for about six bucks.

Eating at the taco stand on 8th Street is an experience on to its self. At night the site pictured above fills up with about a dozen mobile taco vendors and hundreds of hungry people. The smell from all the grilling carane asada fills the air, as does lively Mexican Banda music. It is an experience that have not found anywhere outside the borderlands. Just down the road another impromptu food court is set up nightly in a defunct car wash.

As great as all of this is, it makes the urban planner in me cringe a little bit. A location at which over hundred people are eating without so much as running water and totaly inadquate parking. For a varrity of reasons the county and city have had a hard time regulating these types of businesses. Though I think most people are just happy that the health department inspects them and are willing to leave it at that.

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VAfriend said...

My motto..."if it ain't broke, don't fix it". Sounds like the people aren't complaining about water or parking. I wouldn't worry about it yet. Sounds very yummy. We don't have authentic mexican food around here. We have some restaurants run by Mexicans and speak only Spanish but I think they modify the menu for our Virginian tastebuds! When I visited Texas I had some great Mexican food!