Thursday, April 24, 2008

Homer Goes Home

Berkeley Samples Homer's Ear

Homer finally got his new home last night. He is now living in the Phoenix area with a very nice couple. But for him the most exciting part is without a doubt the 1.5 year old Vizsla that he is going to get to live with. They brought the Vizsla down with them when they picked Homer up to see if they would be compatible, I have never see two dogs click so well. They both have the same maniacal drive play as hard as they can, as much as they can, when ever they can. They were quickly chasing each other around our pool at insanely fast speed. It is nice that they are the same age, so that throughout out there life they will always have approximately the same energy level. A very nice match.

A Rare Moment of Rest for Berkeley and Homer
Berkeley however is not nearly as thrilled with Homer finding a homes as in the three weeks we had him, had grown quite attached to him. It was sad to see her go on a hunt for him when she got up this morning. Even though she could not keep up with him, she really enjoyed playing with him. The cats on the other hand are feeling absolutely triumphant, no doubt they hope the number of weimaraners will continue to decrease. So now the house is once again relatively peaceful, but only for a few weeks, when things will change again, this time forever.

Three Weimaraners Can Ger a Little Overwhelming

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Rocket said...

I always smile when I read a good dog has been matched to a good home.