Sunday, April 6, 2008

Another Foster Weim

Unexpectedly we are once again hosting a foster weim. Yesterday we heard about a weim that was being held down at our local shelter. So we decided to go pick him up and start the process of finding him a new home. Likely when I go up to Phoenix on Thursday on unrelated business I will be taking him up with me to his new home.

We have decided to call him Homer, and is it turns out he just a pup. My guess he is somewhere between 10 and 16 months old. He appears to physically be fully grown, but he still posses all of his puppy exuberance, something almost certainly lead him to being dumped in the shelter.

Like most puppies Homer is mouthy, he likes to examine everyone and everything with his moth. Who ever dumped him in the shelter, after having for only six weeks (they adpoted him from the shelter in February) saw this typical puppy behavior as him being vicious and left him at shelter with a report indicating that he was very aggressive and bitey towards people, a virtual death sentence at our local overcrowded shelter. It makes me mad the people would not go through the trouble to the research to find out that all puppies go through a mouthy stage, but they can easily be broken of it, and that it does not mean that they are vicious or dangerous dog. In 24 hours that we have had I have already broken him of much his mouthiness towards people.

Homer is having great fun playing my weims, particularly Berkeley, they are enjoying chasing each other around the house. Poor Berk who just tuned five, is finding however that keeping up with a puppy is extremely tiring. I wonder what she will think when the baby shows up in June.

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Tona Aspsusa said...

Isn't that the worst? People who can't recognise the difference between puppy- (or Weim-, if the only specimen I know is to judge by :-)) craziness and aggression should not be allowed dogs.

Dogs should come with a short mandatory class in "how to read Dog".