Monday, September 24, 2007

Saturday Good, Sunday Bad

The Canal Access Road

For the first time in ages, I had beautiful weather for running this Saturday, when I got for my run it was a wonderful feeling 65 out. During that night it a rained so at dawn when I left for my run, the whole world a pleasant cool damp feel to it. Compared to the scorching heat that I have been running it was pure paradise, and real reminder why I love running.

A Great Day For Running
I ran 20 miles on Saturday, which makes it my second 20 miler this month, now I have only one 20 miler left and my preparation for the Long Beach Marathon will be complete. I am starting to like my chances of setting a personal record this October.

12 Hours Later Blood Was Still Coming Through the Fingernail and the Band-Aid

As great as Saturday was, Sunday just sucked. The Broncos lost ugly which always puts me in a rotten mood. Then last night I absolutely crushed my index finger in the sliding glass patio door. I smashed it hard enough to split the finger nail at its base and send blood spurting out the hole. Then I made the unfortunate discovery that the urgent care center a mile from me closes at 7:00, and so I had to drive 12 miles into town. At least it is not broken, but damn, that hurt more than anything that I have done in years. Typing without using your index finger is a pain.


Anonymous said...

Ouch! Hope K drove you into town for the drilling!

Whitney said...